The Beauty of Historical Vietnamese Women




Over centuries with lots of variations, aodai (Vietnam`s conventional long gown) continues to be the nation`s iconic dress which helps highlight the beauty and slenderness of women.

Aodai has been seen in the closet of every Vietnamese woman, and it has likewise been included in many types of art work, including poems, tunes, paintings, and images.

The conventional dress, which dates back centuries, is carefully associated with regional women`s lives and has actually seen numerous historic ups and downs.

In the past, Vietnamese women used aodai the majority of the time, capturing admiring looks and attention from other people.

With its refined design, the dress constantly has its own way making the users more gorgeous, showing the elegant curves of a woman`s body and producing the feelings of slenderness and graciousness.
Tuoi Tre News would like to present some images of historic Vietnamese women using the aodai.